"Am I an Infidel ? To the eyes of the more than 1 Billion Muslims worldwide, if you are not a devout practicing Muslim, you are an INFIDEL. It really is as simple as that. Do your own homework and you will discover the gravity of this situation."





Mission Statement:     Infidel Ink LLC

Infidel Ink is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the general public to the growing world wide threat to the health and well being of those of us who are referred to as "Infidels."

            Certain dedicated and committed followers of Islam have chosen to take a path they hope will lead them to putting the entire world under Shari'ah Law. These people are not insane or crazy; they are simply courageously taking to heart the teachings of their religion, which, unfortunately for us Infidels, puts them on a collision course with our societies around the world. Infidels speak many languages, worship many different Gods, have many different forms of governments. The common thread is that they are all targets for these "Believers". The choices are very simple;    Convert to Islam,   Submit to Islam,  ( which means paying  a poll tax and accepting a role as a third class citizen with almost no "rights") or  be killed.

Infidel Ink has no God flag to wave, we don't care how or whom you worship.... however, the game plan being promoted by these Believers is unacceptable.  All non-believers must understand that they are  INFIDELS  in the eyes of the Believers.... that their best hope for survival is to first understand who they are and secondly work together to defend themselves from this attack on Western Civilization.

        Our hope is that you will inform yourself about this threat and then spread the word to others. In our society, an informed electorate can direct their representatives to take actions that will protect us, rather than taking actions that will open paths for our enemies to abuse our system and our citizens.  Be proud of Western Civilization , it didn’t just happen overnight and it requires our continued diligence and protection to move forward into an even greater future.


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